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Our Members working in Southern Africa

This page is designed to share information and contact details of our members. While every effort is made to keep the page updated the responsibility for the information provided lies entirely with the members.

Nelson-Viljoen, Cindy (UK). Worked inSouthern AfricaUKAffiliation: Archaeoleg Brython Archaeology. Interests: Archaeomalacology, Zooarchaeology, Coastal archaeology, Palaeoenviromental Reconstruction, Human/environmental interaction & Dietary reconstruction, Outreach. Bio: I hold a MPhil In Archaeology and is currently the Post Excavation Supervisor for Brython Archaeology, and the Newsletter editor and Webmaster for AMWG. My research focused on dietary reconstructions during the South African Iron Age, and investigating seasonal shellfish use during the Later Stone Age via isotope and sclerochronological analysis to better understand the occupational history of past populations, and the possible seasonal nature of their coastal diet. 

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