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Our Members working in North America

This page is designed to share information and contact details of our members. While every effort is made to keep the page updated the responsibility for the information provided lies entirely with the members.

Kozuch, Laura (USA). Worked in: North America. Affiliation: University of Illinois. Interests: Beads, shell cups, trade, sourcing (particularly lightning whelks). Webpage. Bio: I study shell artifacts and shark teeth from Mississippian sites in an effort to more fully understand trade and shell-working technology. Currently, I am analyzing lightning whelk cups, shark teeth, and bead crafting from Cahokia and East St. Louis sites, as well as replicating beads from lightning whelk shells.

Nisch Terrell, Emily (USA). Worked in: North America; UK. Affiliation: North Carolina Museum of Natural History Bio: I just graduated from the University of the Highlands and Islands in Orkney, Scotland with my MLitt in Archaeological Studies (Distinction). I wrote my master’s thesis on serrated freshwater mussel shell artifacts from a late Woodland period site in North Carolina. I focussed on use-wear analysis methodology to analyse what these shell artefacts may have been used for. I hope to pursue a PhD in archaeology with a focus on shells as tools, especially freshwater mussel shells, and on developing rigorous use-wear analysis methods for shells.

Patton, A. Katherine (Canada). Worked in: North America. Affiliation: University of Toronto Bio: I am an assistant professor (teaching stream) at the University of Toronto. I am interested in understanding Ancestral Wabanaki settlement and shellfish harvesting practices through an examination of the location and character of shell-bearing sites in the Wabanaki homeland (Maine-Maritimes region of Northeastern North America). I also study settlement, foodways, and architecture in shell-bearing sites in the Tsimshian homeland in the northern Northwest Coast of North America.

Williams, Mark R. (USA). Worked in: North America – Pacific Northwest (Puget Sound, Washington and Prince of Wales Island, SE Alaska), American Southwest (New Mexico). Affiliation: University of New Mexico & SWCA Environmental Consultants. Interests: Optimal foraging systems, traditional ecological knowledge, sustainability, clams, chitons, and periwinkles Bio:My research analyzes shellfish harvesting strategies that developed during the middle Holocene on the northern Northwest Coast of North America. I also examine the role that the management of intertidal ecosystems may have played in the emergence of sedentary societies and hereditary chiefdoms.

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