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4 year Post-Doc available in Germany in freshwater archaeomalacology

4-year PostDoc Position (TVL-13, 100 %) in Archaeomalacology
Starting Date: November 1st 2020

Within the framework of a BMBF project a 4-year PostDoc position in archaeomalacology is to be filled. The position must be implemented at a German university or research institute of the choice of the candidate.

– PhD
– no more than 4 years after completion of the PhD
– time to submit all necessary documents until end of June 2020 (i.e. description of methods, work schedule, CV, letter of motivation, list of publications, PhD certificate, budget plan and all administrative documents from the host institution)
– experience in working on fresh water malacological remains from archaeological sites incl. interpretation of stable isotope analyses

– working in a multidisciplinary team consisting of archaeology, palynology, geomorphology and archaeobotany
– participation in fieldwork in the Sultanate of Oman (approximately 8 week each year; February to April) for taking samples
– working on fresh water malacological remains from drillings and sections from various sites in the Sultanate of Oman
– main research question to be answered by the candidate:
o reconstruction of environmental conditions and changes in central Oman (temperatures, moisture, aridity)
o How did the availability of fresh water change over time with special focus on the Bronze Age (3rd/2nd millennium BC)?
o relation to well-known events of the Bronze Age sites and to the lifestyle of the people
o Are there any indications for overuse/depletion of agricultural land by humans?

Any interested candidate should directly contact Conrad Schmidt at:

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