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Molluscs and Ancient Human Societies Conference

On Behalf of Arati Deshpande-Mukherjee

First Circular –  International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ): Archaeomalacology Working Group (AMWG) and Indian Society for Prehistoric and Quaternary Studies (ISPQS) will host an international conference on Molluscs and Ancient Human Societies

Venue: Dept. of A.I.H.C. & Archaeology , Deccan College P.G.R.I. Pune 411006, Maharashtra, India

Date: 11-13 September 2020

Dear colleagues, 

This is an invitation to participate in the International conference on Molluscs and Ancient Human Societies to be held at Dept. of Ancient Indian History and Culture and Archaeology, Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute, Pune from 11-13 September 2020. The broad theme is open to all researchers worldwide studying varied aspects of archaeological shells such as taxonomy, ritualistic, dietary, cultural, symbolic, socio-religious, seasonality, environmental proxies, taphonomy, craft specialization, and shell chemistry, etc.

Program: Single session of three days of oral and poster presentations and meeting of the working group (AMWG).

Field visit: One day tour of archaeological sites nearby. Pune is surrounded by forts, temples and ancient Buddhist rock cut caves which could be visited (Charges will be notified later at the time of registration).

Registration: Will open in March/April 2020. It will cover the conference kit, coffee/tea breaks, lunch and Dinner. 

Travel and accommodation: Due to limited funds, the participants are requested to arrange their own travel and accommodation. However, efforts will be made to arrange accommodation for students. Pune is well connected by flights and trains internally, the nearest international airport is at Mumbai which is approx. 5 hours by road (rush hour time). There are buses, trains and taxis between Mumbai and Pune (very few flights).

Pune is very pleasant during September with light showers, and being mid semester it will be a good opportunity for our students to interact with scholars and participate.

Those of you who wish to participate are requested to complete the forms given below so as to enable us to prepare a mailing list and plan the conference. The completed form (see attached) should be emailed to by January 30th 2020.

We look forward to your participation and hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Arati Deshpande-Mukherjee,

Assistant Professor, Dept. of AIHC & Archaeology,

Deccan College PGRI, Pune 411006

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